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Vezzano sul Crostolo

The village of Vezzano sul Crostolo lays on the hills of Reggio Emilia, along the Crostolo torrent. The town lies along National Road 63, 14 kilometres from Reggio Emilia.

Information and contacts

Altitude: 162 m
Inhabitants: 4,286 updated to January 1, 2015
Post code: 42030
Patron saint: San Martino (11th November)
Hamlets: La Vecchia, Montalto, Paderna, Pecorile, Sedrio
Weekly market day: Wednesday
+39 0522.601911 Municipality
Municipality Vezzano sul Crostolo

How to get there

By car: when coming from Reggio Emilia, take National Road SS 63 travelling in the direction of Castelnovo né Monti and Passo del Cerreto.
By bus: Extraurban SETA Bus n° 44

Historical notes

The origin of the village of Vezzano dates back to the Dark Ages. The Romans had built various rural homes called "domus" in the territory. During the Middle Ages, Vezzano was an important fortified stronghold for the control of roads leading to and from the Apennine Mountains. The town was annexed to the Duchy of Este in 1420. The present free comune was formed by decree of Luigi Carlo Farini on 1 January 1860. The name of the town was initially Vezzano, and in 1862 "sul Crostolo" was added. In the past, in addition to being an important junction between major roads, Vezzano was characterised by the presence of large gypsum deposits, and the majority of the population was employed in quarrying and processing gypsum from the pits. There are still several "tower houses" from the 15th century in the old town of Vezzano and its outlying villages.

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