Child-friendly Reggio Emilia

Activities and advices to discover Reggio Emilia and its province with your child.
Child-friendly Reggio Emilia

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It often happens to visit a city without knowing what to do with your baby. On this page you will find many links and useful information to spend a fantastic stay in our province. Remember to take a look at the page Plan your visit, where you will find all the useful information, opening hours, the list of hotels and transports and last but not least, our calendar with guided tours.

Here is a series of activities, divided by sector, that you can do in Reggio Emilia and its province:

Let's start from history ... Reggio and its museums

The Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia are a system of different museums (Palazzo dei Musei, Museo del Tricolore, Galleria Parmeggiani, Mauriziano, Museo della Ghiara, Museum of the history of Psychiatry), located in old town and in the first outskirt. All of them have free admission and observe a shorter opening hours during the week. Consult our page to find all the useful information and the opening hours!

Palazzo dei Musei, the main museum of the city, is located right next to the Valli Municipal Theater, in one of the main squares of the town. Inside, you can find the collection of the scientist Lazzaro Spallanzani, the naturalistic collections of zoology (especially the Raimondo Franchetti's collection!), Anatomy, ethnography and the portico of Roman marble. This museum that can be considered the starting points to know the history of Reggio Emilia.


Noteworthy is the famous sperm whale, the icon of the Museum.

Not far from Palazzo dei Musei, you can find the Museum of the Italian flag, born in Reggio Emilia on January 7, 1797. A visit to the Tricolor Museum is a required stop for those who come to the city. Children, can prepare their visit with the Tricolor Comics, an illustrated story about the flag.

👉 The Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia have an educational service that is always very active with the public of families. Find out more.
👉 School projects: Didactic program, booking modules, updating and training for teachers, ....

Check all the museums 🔝

Parks and spare time

- Cycle-pedestrian walk near the town centre: Crostolo Park
Mauriziano Park and Asineria Aria Aperta
Marmirolo WWF Oasis

- Adventure Parks: Matildic ParkEcoparco Pineta di Vezzano and Cerwood Park in Cervarezza. 
Pietra di BismantovaThe Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National ParkCerreto Laghi Ski Resort and Febbio chair lift (check the opening times). For more information please contact IAT Appennino Reggiano
Motor ship to discover the Po river

Food Activities

Visit a dairy
Open Farms / Holiday Farms
- Events and festivals




Cultural and recreational activities


Sundays at Loris Malaguzzi International CentreHow to visit
Readings and events at Antonio Panizzi Municipal Library
- Children's Review program: I Teatri Foundation
- Events in Reggio Emilia and its province / for Kids

Puppets Museum by Otello Sarzi
Matilda's Castles. In Montecchio Emilia Castle are usually organized workshops and fun activities for children (events are periodically published on the Castle Facebook page). 
Coriandoline - The friendly houses for boys and girls in Correggio



- You can breastfeed and change your baby at the following pharmacies in the town centre: Farmacia Centrale, Farmacia Gabella, Farmacia Porta Castello, Farmacia del Parco.

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