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Art Nouveau style building
This 19th-century building (originally intended for public use) was embellished by a decorative layout with cement bas-reliefs representing scenes of country life, set into the twin pilasters and small balcony over the entrance.
Iano Astronomic Observatory
Set in the lush countryside around the village of Iano near Scandiano, the observatory was opened in 1995 by the Scandiano Association of Astronomical Physics. It was designed to host all the relevant observation, amateur research and educational activities in the field of astronomy. Every year, the observatory organises introductory courses in astronomy for high school students and teachers (accredited by the Ministry of Education as professional education), as well as science-based conferences and evenings of guided star gazing.
Through the streets of the old town centre
Piazza Matteo Maria Boiardo, Palazzo Muncipale, Piazza Libertà, Piazza Spallanzani. A full 360 degree view of the historic town.
Tour through the villages around Scandiano
Arceto, Viano, Ventoso: history and nature through the villages around Scandiano.
Loop Monte del Gesso - Monte Vangelo
Loop panoramic route, with view across Scandiano and the whole plain. On the way it will be possible to see points of interest as Tre Croci of Monte Vangelo, the ravines, the Big Oak and the Vulcanetti di Fango (Mud Volcanoes). Possibility to lunch in the area.
Trail No. 1 - The Old Court in Figno
Scenic route with a view of Scandiano and the plain.
Trail No. 2 - The Tresinaro river and the great Oak
Scenic route with a view of Scandiano and the plain.
Trail No. 3 - The trail of the Fornacione
Scenic route with a view of Scandiano and the plain.
Bike No. 1 - Among rows of imposing oaks
The road starts from the Arceto Castle, take the road Scandiano-Arceto, then the road starting from the front small square
Bike No. 2 - S. Bartolomeo
The route starts from the Arceto Castle, take the road to Casalgrande; past the bridge on the Tresinaro torrent, turn left to S. Donnino, then left again to a small asphalted road along fields and rural houses.
Bicycle link between two trails
This link allows variations to be made to the two preceding trails such as extending the round-trip or leaving from Scandiano.
Matteo Maria Boiardo
Matteo Maria Boiardo was born in Scandiano Fortress in 1441. His most important work as a poet is "L'Orlando Innamorato" ("Orlando in Love"). He was given important missions by Estensi dukes Borso and Ercole I, and was also military Governor of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
Lazzaro Spallanzani
He was the creator of the experimental physiology and biology, and was called "The Colombo of the microcosmos of the living people"
Luigi Ghirri
Luigi Ghirri (Scandiano, 1943 - 1992) was a great innovator of the photographic language, and his works were inspired by reading, cinema and songs. The photographic archive of negatives and slides with many prints is kept in Reggio Emilia-based Panizzi Library.
**** Boiardo Hotel
Via Pedemontana, 6 - 42019 Scandiano
Camper area
6 campsites dedicated to camper
Pianderna Agriwellness
Via Pianderna 9 - 42019 Scandiano
Il Brugnolo
Via Sabatini,10 - locality Fellegara, 42019 Scandiano
Bosco del Fracasso
Via Bosco del Fracasso, 20 - 42019 Scandiano
Cielo e Terra
Via Colombaro, 9 - Locality Rondinara, 42019 Scandiano

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