Via Cesare Magati

The current Via Cesare Magati, called the Castle at the time, via the clock and via Lazzaro Spallanzani, was three hundred years the main street of Scandiano.
Scandiano - via Magati

Via Cesare Magati - 42019 Scandiano

Drawn from Feltre Boiardo in 1430, according to the course of the first ditch in the country, stretches from the square Matteo Maria Bioardo and the ancient entrance to the Castle, Clock Tower today. Along this street lived the noble families, and it is testified by its buildings, more qualified than the surrounding public housing. Some typical examples of architecture are still to be seen , which have the vertical development of the late medieval and other horizontal development, characteristic of the post-Renaissance, which highlight the historical and structural developement of the town. The arcades of medieval origin, all along the south side, housed the shops of the artisans (saddlers, coppersmiths, carpenters, coopers, tailors, barbers)

How to get there:
By car:
from the A1 motorway Reggio Emilia exit, take the SS 467 ring-road towards Scandiano-Sassuolo; from Modena, take the SS 486 "Passo delle Radici" road towards Sassuolo, then at Veggia take the SS 467 road towards Scandiano-Reggio Emilia.
Follow road signs to the town centre, park your car in Via Garibaldi and continue on foot, taking the third street on the right.

Public transport:
there are local trains to Scandiano-Sassuolo which leave from Reggio Emilia Station; there is also a bus service.
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