Church of Pratissolo

Mentioned in a document of 1288 as being under the governance of the parish church of Fogliano, in the early 1500s it was joined to the Consortium of the Priests of Scandiano.

Address and contacts

Via Rosario - Locality Pratissolo, 42019 Scandiano
Phone 0039 0522 857511 - Parish of the Nativity

How to get there

See the indication to reach Scandiano
Pratissolo is 1km far from Scandiano

Historical notes

The church erected on a hillside is dedicated to Saints Gervasio and Protasio, celebrated on 10th June.
The actual date of origin is uncertain; it is supposed that the first chapel was built next to the ancient fort to the south, which was destroyed in 1322. The facade with sloping roof culminates in a pediment and is decorated in the centre with a rose window. To the side, the brick bell tower with a chamber with two-light mullioned windows at the top was built in 1921 in place of the ancient bell tower on the southern side. The plan of the church, with east-west orientation, only slightly differs from the 17th century style, with a single nave marked by pilaster strips and without transept. Various remodelling and restoration works have been carried out over the centuries. Of particular interest are the works commissioned in 1876 by the parish priest Don Francesco Salvarani, in which the chancel in the apse zone was rebuilt and the wooden balustrade, still present, was added. The old chancel, which became the presbytery, now holds the high altar, recessed by over two metres with respect to its original position. The church also has two altars in the side chapels at the end of the nave, dedicated to Christ and to the Virgin.