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Castles, towers, bell towers


Arceto Castle

The castle is mentioned for the first time in a Nonantola charter of 883. It was then given to the Bishops of Reggio Emilia by Emperor Otto I in a charter of 962.

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Civic Tower or Clock Tower

Originally it was the entry gate to the old residential district, commissioned by Feltrino Boiardo in the first half of the XV century.

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Dondena Bagnoli Castle

The castle was built in the second half of the 19th century and reflects the updated neo-medieval style which was popular at that time. It is privately owned and can be viewed from the outside.

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Castello della Torricella

On the hills of Ventoso, a few miles from Scandiano, the Torricella was built after 1335, by the family Da Fogliano. (privatly owned)

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Gypsum Castle

Only a few traces remain of the Castello del Gesso (Gypsum Castle), whose name comes from the local presence of this mineral.

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Boiardo Fortress

The stronghold, first core of the town, was the symbol of political power in Scandiano for eight centuries. The complex includes medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque structures.

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