Church of Annunziata

Oratory of the XVIII century, it was buitl at expenses of SS.Annunziara Brotherhood.

Address and contacts

via Emilia Est - 42048 Rubiera
0522 620203 - Parrocchia di Rubiera

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How to get there

See the indication to reach Rubiera

Historical notes

In 1710 the marquis Scipione Sacrati promoted the construction of a new Church sacred to SS. Annunciazione, just in front of his Sacrati Palace. The building was undertaken by Brotherhood of Annunziata upon a land which was sold by Sacrati family and together with houses. The construction began on august, the 24th of year 1710, and ended within three years. Its façade is due to generosity of Alessandro Berti in 175. In 1759 Berti itself provided to erect the main altar, placed at the right side and during same year all people of Rubiera, payed for completion of the altar dedicated to San Rocco. Originally the curch had no choir and had only two side altars. The main altar is made of chalk. In the left side altar a is a painting depicting San Rocco, and which belongs to the Municipality. In 1808 archpriest Chierici founded in Rubiera tha Brotherhood of Santissimo Sacramento (Holy Sacrament), that took place of former Annunziata in administration and ownership of the curch. After many events which brought to its closure (1799), or to its becoming a forage store (1915), after second world war, in different times some restoration works have been carred out.