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Municipal Theatre

The Municipal Theatre is known by the citizens of Rio Saliceto as the Cinema Teatro Montanari, after its first owner. The theatre was built during the first decade of the 1900s when Rio Saliceto, based on the ambitious urban plan of the engineer Pier Giacinto Terrachini, grew in terms of the number of public and private buildings..
Via G. Garibaldi, 28 - 42010 Rio Saliceto


Rio Saliceto - Teatro Comunale

The first theatre performance dates to 8 February 1911 when the theatre group G. Zannini staged the comedy “Il Cardinale” by G. Parker. The present building, completely renovated, was inaugurated on 31 January 1993 after having been closed for a long period. The decorative painting on the balustrades was done by Luigi Pillitu. The theatre seats 210.

Box Office: Teatro Comunale tel. 0522 649465