The town of Reggiolo is situated along the Po River, 29 kilometres from Reggio Emilia.

Information and contacts

Altitude: 20 metres
Inhabitants: 9.145 update to December 31, 2018
Postal code: 42046
Patron Saint: San Venerio (7th July)
Open-air market held on Fridays
Hamlets: Brugneto and Villanova
Weekly market day: Friday
+39 0522.213724 Municipality
Municipality of Reggiolo

How to get there

Distance from Reggio Emilia: 29 km.
Distance from the Reggiolo-Rolo exit of the A22 motor-way: 5 km

From Reggio Emilia: Provincial Road SP 5 travelling in the direction of Novellara and Reggiolo.
Public Service transport

Historical notes

Reggiolo was first mentioned in a deed signed by the ruling Canossa family in 1044. It was an important river port which was ruled first by the Bonaccolsi family and later by the Gonzaga. Reggiolo remained part of the Gonzaga Duchy until 1631, at which time it became part of Guastalla. In 1748, after the Aquisgrana Peace Treaty, the former Duchy of Guastalla was assigned to the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, which was governed by the Bourbons. In the meantime, operations to regulate the waters of the Po were completed and small manufacturing industries such as spinning mills and woolen mills sprang up. Reggiolo was annexed to the Duchy of Parma and Modena from 1847 to 1869, at which time it became part of the Kingdom of Italy. Small and medium-sized business and industry currently prevail in Reggiolo, with particular emphasis on the building construction, clothing, metalworking, and chemical sectors.

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