The Fortress

The castle was built by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia in the first half of the 13th century to defend itself against the people of Mantova who attacked the fortress several times.

Indirizzo e contatti

Piazza Martiri - 42046 Reggiolo - phone: +39 0522.13713 - Public Library

How to get there

Distance from Reggio Emilia: 29 km.
Distance from tollgate Reggiolo-Rolo (A22): 5 km.
Access from Reggio Emilia: Province Road 5 direction Novellara-Reggiolo.

Public transport service.

Historical notes

The original structure of the military stronghold survives practically unchanged.
The castle is in the tradition of medieval walled castles. It is built to a square plan with four corner towers opening onto the inner courtyard and two jutting south-facing towers, The massive central tower which was used as a keep, and the Florentine architect Luca Francelli helped to restore in 1470, still conserves a stairway of 1405 which was used for introducing the artilleries.