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Tourist organisations and associations

Reggio Emilia

Association of Reggio Emilia Tourist Guides

The Tourist Guide Association protect the professional figure of the members of the Association and their interests

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Association of consumers and customers and consumers against tricks and in defence of the environment.

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Confconsumatori (Consumers' Association)

The Consumers' Association is aimed at protecting consumers' rights in case of tricks. Legal assistance.

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Club di Prodotto Reggio Tricolore

Club di Prodotto Reggio Tricolore is an association with the aim and purpose to promote and develop tourism in Reggio Emilia. The Club includes the most excellent members, among them renowned hotels, reputable Emilian restaurants, significant art and cultural institutions.

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Tuttinbici is an association of cycle ecologists founded in Reggio Emilia in 1985, but it is also a slogan, an invitation to promote the bicycle as a means of transport and leisure also to go to school, work and holiday.

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