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Taxi Service in Reggio Emilia


CTR RadioTaxi Reggio Emilia - Consorzio Taxisti Reggiani
Telefono -  Phone 0039 0522 452545 - 24h/24h, 7 days a week
Sito web - Website www.radiotaxireggioemilia.it

Parking areas

  • Speed Mediopadana Railway Station, Via Città del Tricolore
  • Railway Station FFSS, Piazzale Marconi, 24h/24h all days.
  • Santa Maria Nuova Hospital, Viale Risorgimento
  • Exhibition Centre - south entrance, Via Filangeri
  • Tribunal, Via Paterlini.
  • Old town, Piazza Roversi
  • Old town, Piazza Gioberti
  • Old town, Viale Allegri (next to the Teatro Ariosto)
  • Old town, crossroads Via Spallanzani - Secchi (next to the Museum Palace)


Visit the website here

Telephone reservations

CTR Radiotaxi offers a service active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the municipal territory of Reggio Emilia and surrounding areas. By calling 0039 0522 452545 you can reserve your taxi and get all the information you need about rates and quotes.

You can also request a taxi by sending an SMS to the number 334 1686126 (Save the number on your mobile phone and save on the cost of the call!).

1. Send a message to the number 334 1686126, indicating City, Street or Square, house number and any short notes (example in front of the bar, the distributor, etc ...)
2. Wait for confirmation text with taxi code and arrival time.

ItTaxi, the App for iPhone and Android

Call the taxi from your Smartphone!

Download the free app from iTunes for iPhone and Play Store for Android. The use is easy and intuitive: your smartphone locates you, you can correct your address, request cars with certain characteristics (car 5/6 seats, credit card, low car ...) and in a few minutes a taxi will be to you !