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Bicittà - Bike rental

Bicycle rental service and storage of private bicycles

Address and contacts

Via Cecati - park-and-ride parking
+39 346 3790545


Bicittà is a service that allows people to leave their own car in a free parking, or to get off the train or the bus and to enjoy, at a reasonable price, a comfortable, fast and eco-friendly transportation: the bicycle. It is necessary to go to the cash desk with valid identity papers.
It is also possible to leave one's own bicycle in custody or to ask for its repair.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday  08:00 a.m. - 08:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: CLOSED

Rental prices

€ 1.50 per hour, or half, for the first two hours of use
€ 0,50 for every following half hour
€ 6.00 daily price
€ 15.00 weekly price
€ 48.00 monthly price

Storage prices

€ 3.00 daily
€ 12.00 monthly 
€ 50.00 six-monthly
€ 100.00 annual