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Self-service canteens

Reggio Emilia

Rita - Kennedy

Self-service capacity: 452 seats

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Rita - Gonzaga

The self-service, located in an area known as "Village Crostolo", has 310 seats

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Rita - L'Orlando

Orlando is a self-service inside the shopping center of Via Morandi. It has 190 seats.

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Self-service located on the Via Emilia, Modena direction. Seats 390.

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Rita - Gioberti

Self-service in the historic center. Wide choice of traditional cuisine.

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Rita - Meridiana

The self-service Meridiana is located in the shopping center of the same name. Typical cuisine.

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Rita - Midi

Midi is a self-service restaurant located in the industrial area of Mancasale. It has 450 seats

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Rita - Primula

Self-service in the area of Reggio Fairs. Choice of traditional cuisine.

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