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Rice cake

This is a very nutritious sweet cake, which finds great favour and is very widespread around Reggio Emilia, and has also the advantage of only needing a short cooking time. It became known in the Reggio Emilia area thanks to the “Mondine”.

Traditional Food Product

At he beginning of the 20th century the youngest daughters of country families were sent to work at he rice plantations in the Vercelli area to bring in the harvest. Rice was an important part of the salary of a mondina as well as the money they earned, and this led to the widespread use of rice in the traditional Reggio cuisine.


150 g of rice
1 l of milk
1 pinch of salt
150 g of sugar
3 eggs
3 or 4 tablespoons of sassolino or aniseed
1 grated lemon

How to do

Milk is brought to the boil, rice is added and is left to cook. Then sugar is added and is left to cook.
Then sugar is added together with some grated lemon rind and some Sassolino liqueur.
Eggs are added to the mixture when it is cool and it i then poured into a baking tin. Is left to rest and then baked at a temperature of 220 C°