Events 2020

Festivals, exhibitions, music, theatre, dance in Reggio Emilia and province.

January 7 - December 13, 2020

Reggio Emilia

  • January 7 Tricolour Flag Festival - piazza Prampolini - phone Municipality 0039/0522/456211-456170.
    Celebrations for the 223rd anniversary of the proclamation of the national Tricolour Flag.
  • February 15 - Reggio Emilia Valentine's Day - in the town centre - phone Associazione Guide Turistiche Reggiane (Silvia Morini)0039/339/5618596.
    Guided tour in search of the loves and the famous couples hiding in the most important monuments of Reggio Emilia.
  • From October 24, 2019 to March 8, 2020"Portrait of Young Lady" by the Correggio. A masterpiece from the Saint Petersburg Hermitage Museum - phone Fondazione Palazzo Magnani 0039/0522/444446.
    Exhibition of one of the Renaissance masterpieces: The Portrait of Young Lady by Antonio Allegri known as the Correggio (about 1489-1534). The work, exceptional loan from the Saint Petersburg Hermitage Museum, arrives five centuries after its execution, around 1520, thanks to an agreement signed by the Town Council of Reggio Emilia with the Russian institution. In San Pietro Cloisters, via Emilia San Pietro 44/c.
  • From November 16 to March 8, 2020What a Wonderful World. The long story of the Ornament between art and nature - phone Fondazione Palazzo Magnani 0039/0522/444446.
    The exhibition shows the deep meanings of the ornament, no longer seen as mere and superficial embellishment, but as an event involving everyday life and our relation with the aesthetic aspect. A charming tour from the ancient age to the modern and contemporary experiences, In Palazzo Magnani, corso Garibaldi 29, and San Pietro Cloisters, via Emilia San Pietro 44/c.
  • From December 14 to March 1, 2020: Zavattini beyond the borders. A protagonist of the international culture - Palazzo da Mosto, via Mari 7 - phone Fondazione Palazzo Magnani 0039/0522/444446.
    Documentary exhibition dedicated to Cesare Zavattini (Luzzara, RE, 1902 - Rome, 1989) on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of his death.
  • From December 7 to April 13, 2020: From Guercino to Boulanger. Reggio Virgin Mary, diffusion of a miraculous image - Museum Palace, via Spallanzani 1 - phone Civic Museum 0039/0522/456477-456816.
    Exhibition dedicated to the diffusion in the artistic field of the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary.
  • April 4-5: C.A.M.E.R. - Exhibition Centre, via Filangieri 15 - phone and fax C.A.M.E.R. (Club Auto Moto d’Epoca Reggiano)0039/0522/703531. Trade fair of vintage cars, motorcycles, cycles, spare parts and accessories. The event has been because of health emergency from Coronavirus.
  • From April 17 to May 24European Photography 2020 - in various locations - phone Fondazione Palazzo Magnani Press Office 0039/0522/444408-444446.
    Exhibitions, installations, conferences, meetings, workshops, screenings and performances. The theme is "Phantasies. Tales, rules, inventions". XV Edition. The event also includes the Off circuit: meetings, projects, exhibitions and installations in art galleries, shops, hotels, restaurants, schools, clubs, theatres, private homes and entire districts. The event has been because of health emergency from Coronavirus.
  • May 15-17: Reggionarra - in the town centre. Municipality of Reggio Emilia phone 0039.0522.585353.
    Tales in squares, streets, courtyards turn Reggio Emilia into the Town of Stories; tales, readings and fairy tales by professional narrators, young storytellers and parents.
  • June 5-7: Internazionale Kids - in various locations. Internazionale Kids phone 0039/06/4417301. Festival of the weekly magazine of the same name that explains to children the great topics of the current events, publishing in Italian language the best articles from the world's newspapers for people aged 7-13, with games and comic strips.
    June 7-14: International String Quartet Competition “Paolo Borciani Award”. Teatro Municipale Valli, piazza Martiri del 7 luglio. phone Fondazione I Teatri 0039/0522/458811.
    Participation of quartets, composed of young talents, from all over the world.
  • September Giareda Festival - in the town centre - phone Municipality 0039/0522/456316.
    Festival dedicated to "Beata Vergine della Ghiara" ("Blessed Ghiara Virgin"). Trade fair of artistic and traditional crafts.
  • September 12 - Ligabue-30 years in one day. In Rcf Arena Campovolo, via dell'Aeronautica - 8.30 p.m. - phone Friends & Partners phone 0039/02/4805731.
    Luciano Ligabue comes back with a live concert to celebrate 30 years of an extraordinary career.
  • September 19 - One-No one-Hundredthousand-The concert. In Rcf Arena Campovolo, via dell'Aeronautica - 8.30 p.m. - phone Friends & Partners phone 0039/02/4805731. The event has been postponed to June 19, 2021 because of health emergency from Coronavirus.
    Fiorella Mannoia, Emma, Alessandra Amoroso, Giorgia, Elisa, Gianna Nannini and Laura Pausini in concert. The event has been cancelled because of health emergency from Coronavirus.
  • November 24San Prospero Festival - in the town centre - phone Municipality 0039/0522/456316.
    Solemn religious ceremonies dedicated to Bishop Prospero, Patron Saint of Reggio Emilia. Street markets, artistic handicraft, gastronomic stands, music, performances.
  • December 13 - "Città del Tricolore" Reggio Emilia Marathon - start and finish in corso Garibaldi - phone Tricolore Sport Marathon 0039/0522/267223; Marathon Info-Line 0039/334/5455222. 
    International marathon with the participation of professional and amateur runners.


Theatre Seasons - phone Fondazione I Teatri 0039/0522/458811 - website: - e-mail: Concerts, Prose, Musical, Ballet, Opera - Teatro Municipale Valli - piazza Martiri del 7 luglio; Teatro Ariosto - corso Cairoli, 1; Teatro Cavallerizza - viale Allegri, 8/A


  • Third weekend of JuneLambrusco Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/590201; Pro Loco 0039/0522/590266.
    Tastings, gastronomic stands, restaurant, exhibitions and performances.
  • First weekend of SeptemberFola Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/590201-590232.
    Music, performances, exhibitions, guided tours.
  • Last weekend of OctoberAutumn Festival-Balsamic Cracklings - phone Municipality 0039/0522/590211; Pro Loco 0039/0522/590266.
    Tastings, gastronomic stands, traditions. Exhibitions, workshops, gastronomic stands, old crafts.

Bagnolo in Piano

First weekend of September September Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/957416.
Stands, music, performances, exhibitions.


  • First Sunday of June - The Market of Matilde di Canossa's Lands - phone Municipality 0039/0522/253202.
    Gastronomic stands with typical products.
  • Third Sunday of September - Bibbiano Produces - phone Municipality 0039/0522/253202-253215.
    Trade fair for the best Parmigiano Reggiano cheese; gastronomic, handmade, commercial and industrial products.


  • April 25-May 1 - Spring Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/963700-963707.
    Funfair, stands, exhibitions.
  • June - PiroPo - phone Pro Loco 0039/0522/964219; Municipality 0039/0522/963700-963707.
    Fireworks music show along the Po river.
  • First weekend of September - September Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/963700-963707.
    Shows, concerts, stands, tasting of Boretto onion and typical gastronomic products.

Campagnola Emilia

  • Third weekend of May Salami Nights - phone "Il Cicciolo d'Oro" Association 0039/348/8943075; 0039/320/7213472; Municipality 0039/0522/753358.
    Tastings of salami and gastronomic by-products from the pork. Challenge among pork-butchers for the award of "salami of the year".
  • Third weekend of June - SS. Gervasio and Protasio Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/750711.
    Market, gastronomic stands, performances, funfair.
  • Second Sunday of December - The Golden Crackling - phone "Il Cicciolo d'Oro" Association 0039/348/8943075; 0039/335/8098666; Municipality 0039/0522/753358.
    Challenge among pork-butchers for the production of the best cracklings and the Guinness supercrackling. Gastronomic stands with tasting and sale of typical and traditional products.


Last weekend of JuneSS. Pietro and Paolo Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/677645.
Traditional market, art market, stands of typical products.


Second and third weekend of September - September Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/998570.
Concerts, performances, sports tournaments, exhibitions.


Third weekend of September - Grapes Festival - phone Pro Loco 0039/339/7483848; Municipality 0039/0536/850114.
Historic parade (September 20), music and dance, market and games for children, vintage games, medieval market, handmade products.

Castelnovo di Sotto

  • February 2, 9, 16, 23Carnival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/485711; "Al Castlein" Association 0039/340/9955811.
    Parades of giant carnival floats and masked bands, music and gastronomic events.
  • Second Sunday of AprilHorse Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/485711.
    Games and entertainment, funfair, commercial stands.
  • Last weekend of November - S. Andrea Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/485711.
    Market, funfair, sports events, entertainment, exhibitions.


  • Last Sunday of March - Fat Ox Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/373474.
    Wine and food display, old crafts, stands with handmade and gastronomic products.
  • Second Sunday of SeptemberAncient Bulls Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/373474.
    Handmade, wine and food and biological products.


  • Third weekend of MarchSan Giuseppe Festival-Correggio in flower - phone Municipality 0039/0522/630711; Pro Loco 0039/0522/641817.
    Market with stands, local typical gastronomic and handmade products, funfair.
  • First weekend of June - San Quirino Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/630711; Pro Loco 0039/0522/641817.
    Art exhibitions, performances, sport, market with typical gastronomic and craft products.
  • Third weekend of October San Luca Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/631770.
    Market with stands of typical gastronomic and craftmade products.


Second weekend of April - Green Idea - phone Pro Loco 0039/370/3518540.
Trade fair for fruits, flowers, vegetables and seeds. Trade fair for vintage agricultural equipment. Trade fair for handmade and vintage products.


  • August - Wheat Festival - locality Olmo. Phone Circolo Acli S. Vitale 0039/0522/678459; 0039/348/8304763.
    Corn threshing, vintage wheat threshing, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese cooking, handmade bread cooked in the wood-burning oven, vintage wine pressing, crackling competition. Entertainment, concerts, dance, tournaments, games, theatre.
  • Fourth Sunday of SeptemberSan Matteo Festival - locality Praticello. Phone Municipality 0039/0522/477919.
    Stands, funfair, handmade products, exhibitions, music, gastronomy.


  • Third weekend of JunePozzo Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/221869.
    Dance, music, gastronomic events.
  • Third Sunday of OctoberOctober Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/221869.
    Tasting and sale of typical gastronomic products, funfair, market, cooking of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.


  • April 18-19 Georgica -  phone Arvales Fratres by Vitaliano Biondi 0039/0522/922111; Municipality 0039/0522/839756-839757
    Land, Water and Agriculture. Trade fair of traditional types of fruits, flowers, vegetables and seeds, display of "low court" rural animals, trade fair of wine and food biological typical and forgotten products. The event has been cancelled because to health emergency from Coronavirus.
  • May 15-17 - Dumpling Festival - phone Pro Loco 0039/328/7943204; 0039/340/8547295; Municipality 0039/0522/839759.
    Folk festival with gastronomic tastings and performances.
    Fourth weekend of September - Lost Plants and Animals - phone Arvales Fratres by Vitaliano Biondi 0039/0522/922111; Municipality 0039/0522/839756-839757.
    Traditional types of fruits, flowers, vegetables, seeds and rural animals. Typical and forgotten food and wine biological products. Display of craftmade products, entertainment, old games, meetings, workshops.
  • Fourth weekend of NovemberSanta Caterina Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/839711.
    Commercial stands, funfair, performances, entertainment, exhibitions, display of agricultural equipment.


Second weekend of July - July Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/223850.
Music performances, entertainment.

Montecchio Emilia

  • April 25 - San Marco Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/861811.
    Market of typical and biological products, display of plants and flowers, stalls and funfair.
  • Fourth weekend of October - San Simone Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/861864.
    Stands, funfair, agricultural and commercial fair.


  • First weekend of May San Cassiano Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/655411.
    Artistic handicraft, antique market, exhibitions, gastronomic products, funfair.
  • Fourth weekend of JulyMiss Blues Watermelon - phone Pro Loco 0039/0522/651378.
    Blues and roots concerts, street artists and musicians, gastronomic stands, games, markets, old crafts, competitions, parade of floats of the giant watermelons.


  • Third Sunday of April - Spring Festival - phone Municipal Library 0039/0522/960426.
    Flowers and plants, typical wine and food products, artists and hobbysts, commercial exhibitors, entertainment, street art performances.
  • Second Sunday of October - October Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/966811.
    Extraordinary market, funfair, performances and entertainment, commercial stands with typical products.

Quattro Castella

  • Last Sunday of September - Matildic Historical Parade - phone Associazione Comitato Matildico 0039/335/5462527; Municipality 0039/0522/249211.
    Old costume parade that celebrates an important event of the European history dating back to the beginning of the XII century: the meeting between Canossa Countess Matilda and Emperor Henry V. Participation of famous actors and hundreds of extras. Performances, tournaments, medieval and traditional gastronomic stands.
  • Third Sunday of October October Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/249211.
    Trade fair, wine and food market, funfair, art exhibitions, performances.
  • Second weekend of June - Scarpasoun Festival - locality Montecavolo. phone and fax Nonna Lea-Nonno Pepi 0522/880133; 0039/335/5626508; Municipality 0039/0522/249267.
    Gastronomic event dedicated to the typical Erbazzone (spinach-filled salted cake): exhibitions, performances, cinema, photography, music.


  • Third and fourth weekend of September - Pumpkin Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/213711-213713; Pro Loco 0039/338/6188748; 0039/334/5924497.
    Gastronomic event dedicated to the pumpkin. Tastings of pumpkin gastronomic specialities in the local restaurants and possibilities of dinner and lunch.

Rio Saliceto

Second weekend of MayMay Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/647811.
Handicraft, agricultural, industrial and commercial fair.


  • Last weekend of MayRolo's first courses - phone Municipality 0039/0522/658028; Roloinfesta 0039/339/3237126.
    Gastronomic stands with typical local first courses, art market and trade fair of collectors' items, music.
  • Fourth weekend of October - San Simone Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/658028; Roloinfesta 0039/339/3237126. Agroindustrial and Folk festival. Historic parade, exhibitions, music, old crafts, typical products, funfair.


  • Second Sunday of June June Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/622212-622246.
    Traditional festival with funfair, stands, markets, music performances.
  • Last Sunday of September - September Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/622212-622246.
    Sport, trade, culture, exhibitions.

San Martino in Rio

  • Last Sunday of May - May Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/636709.
    Performances, entertainment, funfair, art exhibitions, concerts.
  • First Sunday of October - Wine-pressing Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/636709.
    Free tastings of the best productions of wines from local wineries, sale of typical gastronomic products, opening of Estense Fortress and the Museum for Agriculture and Rural World with guided tours.
  • November 15 - San Martein Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/636709.
    Wine and food, farmers' and hobbies', handicraft and medieval market.

Sant'Ilario d'Enza

  • Third Sunday of May Spring Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/902826.
    Market, art handicraft, gastronomic stands, games and entertainment for children, art exhibitions.
  • Second Sunday of October October Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/902826.
    Antique market, funfair, artistic handicraft, gastronomic stands.


  • Third and fourth weekend of March - San Giuseppe Fair - phone Municipality 0039/0522/764302-857436.
    Centennial Agricultural Commercial Industrial Handicraft Fair.
  • May 29-31 - festivaLOVE-Lovers in Scandiano - phone Municipality 0039/0522/764258.
    Sleepless nights with music, theatre, visual arts, art performances, installations, activities for children inspired by the theme of Matteo Maria Boiardo's epic poem "L'Orlando Innamorato".
  • Third and fourth weekend of November Santa Caterina Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/764302-857436.
    Handmade and gastronomic products, hobbysts' market.

Vezzano sul Crostolo

  • First Sunday of May Wild Asparagus Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/601911.
    Tastings, gastronomic stands, typical food, art workshop for children, art exhibitions.
  • Second Sunday of November - San Martino Festival - phone Municipality 0039/0522/601933.
    Extraordinary market, exhibitions, handmade products, music, funfair.

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