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International Stage for Art Comedy

The Stage is directed by Antonio Fava. In Teatro Cavallerizza, viale Allegri 8/A

Vicolo Venezia, 5/B - 42121 Reggio Emilia

Manager: Dina Buccino
Phone 0039 0522 436768
Mobile +39 338 5864308

International Stage for Art Comedy, directed by Antonio Fava

Its appearance in Italy in the XVI century, its spread and adaptation throughout Europe marked a highly important turning point in the history of the western Theatre: with it, the Theatre changed from ritualistic and amateurish to actual profession (art). The new actor was born, someone who possessed a personal acting “know-how”. This gave rise to the Modern Theatre.
Art Comedy as presented nowadays, is an exacting discipline where practical ability and know-how are essential for those who intend to make the Theatre their career.
Professional actors who want updated information, pupils from schools of Dramatic Art, students and scholars who study theatrical disciplines are those for whom this Training Session is intended.

Course subjects

The Mask: use and meaning
Fixed types and character parts: Old People, Lovers, Zanni, Captains and their main variants
Functions of the characters
Gestures and behaviour of the characters
Comic acrobatics

Three types of lessons: Technique, Improvisation, Canovacci.
Art Comedy is taught by Antonio Fava who speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French.
All languages in the world are welcome at the Training Session.

Acrobatics: Marcella Domeniconi
Expressive technique: Cecilia Di Donato
Master's assistant: Ferruccio Fava