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Rosebud Cinema

Cinema Rosebud is an important place of promotion of the cinematographic culture. On schedule during the week are many screenings of masterpieces of the past, films of different cinemas and essai premières. Organization of cinema courses and meetings with directors. located in the outskirts. Première films and movie festivals.

Via Medaglie d'oro della Resistenza, 6 - 42122 Reggio nell'Emilia
Phone 0039 0522 551113

Rosebud Cinema, inside

Rosebud Cinema

The Cinema Department collaborates with important national institutions (Cineteca Nazionale, Cineteca di Bologna) and organizes festivals for different types of public. It also coordinates the activity of Cinema in the Square in piazza Prampolini and Ex Stalloni Summer Arena.


€ 7.00
Reduced € 5.50

€ 5.00
Reduced € 4.00

How to get there

Rosta Nuova neighborhood, first suburb of the city