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Resistance and repression

Two routes through the places of the German occupation, of the Resistance struggle and the successive repression in the town, during the Second World War.


42121 Reggio Emilia
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Both routes in the town centre

Routes characteristics

During the 20 months between the Armistice (September 8, 1943) and the Liberation of Italy (April 25, 1945), Reggio Emilia was occupied by the Germans and included in the territories of the Social Italian Republic. The Partisan brigades begun to struggle against the Nazi invasion.

There are two walking routes through the most significant places of this tragic period of the history of Reggio Emiliia: the first one is dedicated to the Resistance and the second one to the repression by the Fascist authorities and the Germans.

Routes description

Route 1
Reggio occupied town. The nazi-fascist power

Route points:
Barracks of the Fascist Militia – Piazzetta Pignedoli
Villa Zironi and Villa Pellizzi – Via della Racchetta, 20 and 9
Villa Chiesi – Via San Zenone, 8
Prefecture – Corso Garibaldi, 59
Dei Servi Jail – Via Guasco / Via dei Servi
Headquarters of the Republican Fascist Party – Corso Cairoli, 6
Villa Cucchi – Via Franchetti, 10
Caserma Zucchi (Zucchi Barracks) – Viale A. Allegri, 8/A

Route 2
A Mass movement. The resistence

Route points:
The Liberation parade in Reggio Emilia – Piazza della Vittoria
San Francesco Church – Piazza San Francesco, 1
Nironi and Prandi Bookshop – Via F. Crispi, 6
Partisan massacre – Piazza Prampolini
Piazzale Fiume – Murder of the spy Aschenko
Partisan massacre of Via Porta Brennone – Via Porta Brennone/Corso Garibaldi
Cafe Perli – Via Emilia Santo Stefano, 23/A
Ex Caserma Zucchi (Zucchi Barracks) – Shooting of the partisan Angelo Zanti – Viale A. Allegri, 8/A