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In the Province - Partisan Paths

15 paths through the places, on the hills and Apennines of Reggio Emilia, which recall the Partisans who, after September 8, 1943, went to the mountains to plan the armed Resistance against the Nazi occupation and the italian Fascists.


Routes across the hillside and the Reggio Emilia Apennines.

This is the on-line version of the itineraries proposed in the homonym book Sentieri partigiani (Partisan paths). It is an invitation to walk on the paths of the Partisans, an invitation to exit from the everyday life and start to walk. Slowly, step by step, discover the beautiful Apennine landscape of Reggio Emilia and the richness of the antifascist history.
Listen to the places to understand the choice to become a Partisan, the sofferences of this condition, the fear of the death, the hopes for a different future. A dream to be built with the strenght and solidarity born from a group of free men and women.

In 1992 the first edition of the "Sentieri Partigiani walk" took place and since than, with the coordination of Istoreco, it has become a fixed appointment on our mountains. Every year it gathers more people to go up in the mountains walking with the partisan witnesses, to listen to their histories and discuss with them about yesterday and today and to enjoy the amazing nature of those places.

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