I Platani (Via Fenulli)

The park was realized with big trees and grass areas with isolated prestigious specimen and bushes groups with progressive seasonal flourishing.

Via Fenulli - 42123 Reggio Emilia

I Platani

Area Via Fenulli, Via Erogassi - South-west area of the town. Area: 80,000 sqm. How to access: Via Bergonzi, Via Barchi, Via Fenulli, Via Compagnoni.

District park built on areas involved in financed building interventions. It is made up of big and middle-size green areas which are connected to one other by the pedestrian-cycling system. The park was restored in 1979-1980 (1st phase) and in 1982-83 (2nd phase).  It is partially equipped with a water-distribution system. Pedestrian/cycling path connect the main residential buildings and the services. There is a meeting and playing place, playing yards with free access, lighting system, benches and a sports path.