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I Pioppi (Via Martiri di Cervarolo)

The park has central-European features with big trees, bushes and wide grass areas.

Via Luthuli - 42123 Reggio Emilia

Buco del Signore - southern area of the town. Area: 17,000 square metres.
How to access: via Luthuli, via Martiri di Cervarolo.

The area was acquired in the years 1979-80. It was planned and realised in the years 1980-81 with the contribution and the participation of the district; at the moment it is self-managed. It is equipped with a self-managed centre, a polyvalent area, covered bowls yards, pedestrian paths, lighting systems, benches and playing structures for children. It is connected to the Falk sports social centre through a small bridge on the Secchia channel.