Gli Ippocastani (Via Cellini)

The park shows central-European features with big trees and wide grass areas with isolated prestigious specimen and bushes groups with progressive seasonal flourishing.

Via Cellini - 42122 Reggio Emilia

Former Campo di Marte. Eastern area of the town.
How to access: Via Cellinim Via donatello, Via Caravaggio, Via Bonvicini Area: 56,000 sqm.
Formerly a state area for military training and simulations, this field was restored in the years 1981-1982. The plantation was carried out in the autumn-winter of 1982 and ended in 1983. It is equipped with a lighted path, benches, sports path and playing structures for children. The park is completed by a pre-fabricated building for servicing, used also for catering and a paved entry place with benches and a fountain. During the summer season the park is used as a place for cultural manifestations which are part of a program in the district.