Il Diamante Park

Public park dedicated to the memory of Alexander Langer


Via Danimarca - 42124 Reggio nell'Emilia
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Area: 17,900 square metres

Where the park is today, there was once an agricultural complex with a manor house, of which a splendid double row of centenary plane trees and interesting memories of the ancient hydraulic irrigation system remain. The most interesting aspect of the Diamante Park is perhaps the Garden of the Ark, whose vegetation has a great symbolic meaning. In fact, every year, some trees representing different religious faiths (Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Religion of the American Indians, Shinto, Tao and Confucianism) are planted in its circular area.

This garden was dedicated to the memory of Alexander Langer, a historical defender of the environment and of religious and ethnic minorities.

A bicycle and pedestrian route connects the area of ​​religions - radiant and "solar" - to a "lunar" area in the opposite part of the garden, consisting of an ancient cistern and now used as a small outdoor stage, whose semicircular backdrop was painted by some street artists/writers of "Unità di Strada". In the middle stands a large heart-shaped rose garden. The basin, the rose garden track and the garden of religions constitute a geoglyph - visible only at a great height - which forms the word “love”. Signs, scents, colours, sounds and symbolisms want to testify to a hope, a solidarity project focused on mankind, respect and love.


How to get there

Reggio nell'Emilia - Orologio area

By car
Access points: Via Danimarca, Via Bulgheria, Via Gorizia