Le Ginestre

Mixed-type quarter park (furniture and rural-forest essence) located in the valley of Rio della Vasca in direct contact with the countryside and the agricultural environment of the foothills.

Via Garlassi - 42123 Reggio Emilia

Le Ginestre

PEEP RIVALTA - South-west area of the town. Area: 65,000 square metres.
How to access: Via Garlassi, via Gambuzzi, Via Oddone.
The land was restored in the years 1981-1982. It has been realised with medium and large trees, wide grass areas, isolated specimens, big and middle-size fruit trees to encourage the settlement of the local fauna (especially birds); the park is also followed by a natural stream. It shows a pedestrian path connecting the main residential buildings, a meeting place and playing area, a football yard, a lighting system and benches. The equipment is completed by a sports path, playing areas for children and two fountains. In the northern area of the park are a polyvalent area and a connection path with Rivalta’s centre.