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I Bagolari (Via Martiri della Bettola)

The park has central-European type features with big trees and wide grass areas.

Via Martiri della Bettola - 42123 Reggio Emilia

Parco della Pace - Direzionale San Pellegrino - southern area of the town. Area: 45,000 square metres.

The park was built in two phases: The first one in 1977-78 and the second in 1984. It is in the Direzionale San Pellegrino district and has pedestrian paths that connect the primary school, the church and houses. It is a part of an adjacent private park. A local feature of interest are the trees of Celtis australis (nettle trees). The park has paths, lighting, benches, tables, a fountain, playing areas for children and a sports path.