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Mauriziano - poet Ludovico Ariosto's summer residence

XV-century villa situated along the Via Emilia, towards Modena, whose distance from Reggio Emilia is km 3.

Address and contacts

Via Pasteur, 11 - 42122 Reggio nell'Emilia
Phone 0039 0522 456477
Musei Civici

To book your visit please contact
Linda Gualdi - Musei Civici
Phone 0039 0522 456361

Opening times

The palace is accessible only on the occasion of events. The park is always accessible and free.

How to get there

The park and the palace are outside but not far from the town centre towards Modena.

Historical notes

XV-century villa on the banks of the Rodano river where the poet Ludovico Ariosto, born in 1474, stayed for long periods. The villa is approached by passing through a XVI-century terracotta arch and then following a long tree-lined avenue. The building's eastern wing is particularly interesting, having conserved the 15th century structure and where the "Camerino dei Poeti" (the Poets room), the "Camerino degli Orazi e Curiazi" (the Horatii and Curiatii room) and the "Camerino dell'Ariosto" (Ariosto's room) can be seen, containing sixteenth century frescoes depicting hunting, landscape, romantic, and historic scenes, and portraits of literary figures, in perfect harmony with the courtly and literary tastes of the time.