Palazzo da Mosto

It is one of most important mansions dating back to XIV century, which belonged to the ducal officer Francesco da Mosto.

Address and contacts

Via Mari, 7 - 42121 Reggio Emilia
Phone 0039 0522 430541
Manodori Foundation - Palazzo da Mosto

Opening times

The palace is open to the visits only on the occasion of exhibitions or planned events.

Entrance fee

According to the exhibition or planned event.

How to get there

The palace is located in the town centre.

Historical notes

The main entrance is in the west wing, and is surrounded by a sandstone rounded arch. Mullioned windows originally were ornament of the western façade, but at beginning of nineteenth century, they were replaced by simple, modern rectangular windows.
Also the beautiful cornice crowning the facade, suffered of some lack of maintenance. The building was affected by many renovation works, and retains traces of the influence of the architect Biagio Rossetti, who also in his hometown Ferrara, supervised the renovation of a Da Mosto residence.
The Municipality acquired Palazzo da Mosto in 2014, after a major investment by the Foundation Manodori to become a multipurpose space available to the community.
Palazzo da Mosto was re-opened in 2014, after a major investment and careful restoration by the Manodori Foundation, in future years it should become a multi-purpose centre for the whole community.