Piazza Martiri del 7 Luglio

It is one of the most characteristic places of the town where, in 1960, five workers of Reggio Emilia were killed during a demonstration. The square takes its name from their sacrifice.

Address and contacts

Piazza Martiri del 7 Luglio - 42121 Reggio Emilia
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How to get there

reggio nell'Emilia - Town centre

Historical notes

The square, named after the workers killed during a demonstration, is the continuation of Piazza della Vittoria. These two squares, after their recent riqualification, compose a vast unique area in the heart of the historical centre. Some of the most rapresentative monuments and buildings of the city face on this square: the Municipal Theatre, the modern fountain, the former building of the Bank of Italy and the Memorial to the Resistance. The square hosts several initiatives and events all over the year, and is crowded with the stands of the week market every Tuesday and Friday.

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