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Fountains, bridges, canals

Reggio Emilia

Architect Santiago Calatrava's Bridges

Santiago Calatrava's bridges are the new gateways of our town: architectures to be observed in motion that can knock down frontiers.

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Crostolo Statue

The statue depicting the Crostolo, situated on a side of Piazza Prampolini, comes from the Rivalta Villa Ducale, where it was first placed in 1754.

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Fountain in Piazza Martiri del 7 luglio

The fountain's dimensions are peculiar: 46 metres long, as the facade of the Valli Theatre, and 12 metres wide, the depth is only just 2 cm.

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The fountain dedicated to Abbot Ferrari Bonini

The XIX-Century fountain, also known as "children's fountain" for the sculptures of three cherubs placed around the base, was donated to the city by Senator Ulderico Levi in honor of the work as philanthropist, educator and curator of the poor childhood of Abbot Giuseppe Ferrari Bonini during the XVIII century.

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San Pellegrino Bridge

The bridge crosses the Crostolo torrent and was built in the second half of the XVIII century.

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