The territory of Poviglio is located on the lowland plains of the Province of Reggio Emilia, and covers an area of 43 sq. km.

Information and contacts

Altitude: 25 m
Inhabitants: 7296 updated to December 31, 2018
Post code: 42028
Patron saint: Saint Stephen (December, 26th)
Hamlets: Fodico, Godezza, San Sisto, Enzola, Casalpò
Weekly market day: Saturday
+39 0522.966811 Municipality
Municipality of Poviglio

How to get there

By car: from the exit Reggio Emilia of the Motorway A1 take SS358 to Castelnovo di Sotto / Brescello. If you rather follow Via Emilia (SS9), you have to turn northward once reached Sant'Ilario
By bus: from Piazzale Europa - Reggio Emilia, SETA bus n.93

Historical notes

The territory of Poviglio was densely populated during the Bronze Age, when the terramara settlements were built. After the Iron Age, from which we have no information, the area was colonized anew by the Etruscans in the 6th century B.C. An invasion by the Celts caused a decline in the 4th century B.C. Following this period, the Romans colonized the area; traces are still visible in the countryside today of their characteristic system of checkerboard roads and plots of farmland called "centuriation".

This area was explored immediately following a discovery made during levelling of local farmland in 1983. Systematic archeological excavation has been carried out in the area from 1984 until the present.
Terramara settlements were surrounded by a square embankment and a moat filled with water channeled from a nearby water course. The Santa Rosa Terramara Settlement measured about seven hectares, and was made up of two villages. It had a smaller, older village, and a larger village to the south of the first one. The terramara civilization died out suddenly in all of the central Po River Valley around the middle of the 12th century B.C.

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