Terramara "Santa Rosa"

It is the largest "terramara" in Europe, made up of a village with two inhabited areas, covering an area of approximately seven hectares dating back to a period between the XVI and the XII centuries b.C.

Address and contacts

Strada d'Este - podere Santa Rosa - 42028 Poviglio (Locality Fodico)
+39 0522 960426 - Public library of Poviglio
Terramara "Santa Rosa" Museum

Opening times

Guided tours for adults are held in summer time when is open the excavation area. During the period of excavation

How to get there

See the indication to reach Poviglio

Historical notes

Few people know that the Po Valley near the river, like other Italian regions but with a particular density here, was home to a prehistoric civilisation characterized by large villages constructed of pile dwellings, true wooden cities that lived off agriculture and animal husbandry, particularly that of horses. This civilisation flourished from 1650-1150 BC and then mysteriously vanished. It is called the Terramare civilisation, after the name given to these archaeological sites fertilized by ancient organic deposits. The province of Reggio Emilia is home to one of the largest and most studied settlements, found in San Sisto di Poviglio. During the summer excavations guided tours of the site are offered, and the museum organized by the municipality of Poviglio is open all year round.