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Luzzara Railway Station
Public out-of-town and railway transport services
Province Map
The town is situated in an area which is equidistant from Reggio Emilia, Parma and Mantua. It forms part of a landscape which is typical of the Po valley at the same time as enjoying all the benefits associated with a small town
"Cesare Zavattini" Naive-Art National Museum
The Naive-Art Museum, the only one in Italy dedicated to Cesare Zavattini, contains over 300 sculptures, paintings and graphic works by the following artists: Ghizzardi, Rovesti, Astarita, Covili, Lazzarini, Lovo, Galeotti and others.
Wood chip Museum
On Tagliata canal (1218), in a restored weir of fifteenth century, a museum dedicated to an old tradition is run by the Association Photo Group "the Braid".
Parish Church of San Giorgio
Based on a Baroque design, the church of San Giorgio still retains the original apse and a number of Romanesque features.
Tower in Luzzara
The centre of Luzzara is dominated by the Municipal Tower which is also an interesting viewing point.
History and art tour
The itinerary starts from the historical center of Luzzara, where is the National Museum of the Naives Arts "C. Zavattini", and arrives as far as out of the town, in Maso, where the beautiful Villa Paralupi is located.
Photographic itinerary
It is a project created for the exhibition "Paul Strand and Cesare Zavattini, A Country. History and legacy" at Palazzo Magnani for the European Photography Festival in 2017. An itinerary to discover the places of photography in Luzzara.
The small capitals of the Po river
The 30 km that divide the town of Reggio Emilia from the Great River, the so-called "Bassa", lead us to discover the small Renaissance capitals of the Po River as well as an amazing historical and natural heritage.
Cesare Zavattini
Zavattini (Luzzara, 1902 - Rome, 1989) was an artist of the Po-river plain in Reggio Emilia province and had in himself the liveliness and gloom of that area. Son of a confectioner master, he was an artist who did much and did it well. Cinema, theatre, painting, literature and poetry.
**** Hotel Villa Montanarini
Via Mandelli, 13 - Locality Villarotta, 42045 Luzzara
Corte Giardino
Via Tomba, 29 - 42045 Luzzara
La Casa delle Allodole
Via Dalai, 19 - 42045 Luzzara
Residence Il Ciliegio
strada Villa Superiore - 42045 Luzzara
La Spingarda B&B
Via Enzo Dalai, 19 - Luzzara
Restaurants in Luzzara
Restaurants of the plain. List of Luzzara.
"Corte Giardino" Holiday Farm Convention Hall
Inside the "Corte Giardino" Holiday Farm - capacity: 100 people
Luzzara Municipal Tourist Board (Pro Loco)
Collaboration and organization of activities and events

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