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"Ruggero Ruggeri" Municipal Theatre

Theatre performances. Capacity: 400 seats.

Via Verdi, 7 - 42016 Guastalla
Phone 0039 0522 826890

Ruggero Ruggeri Municipal Theatre

Teatro Ruggero Ruggeri

The theater is named after Ruggero Ruggeri (1871-1953). The great actor had the original mother of Guastalla and very often spent the summers in these territories; several times he played the theater stage with memorable interpretations. The community wanted to award him honorary citizenship in 1926 and dedicate the theater to him.


For information and/or purchase of season tickets and/or tickets please contact:

Teatro, Cultura and Sport Office
Vicolo Caracci 2 - 42016 Guastalla 
Phone 0039 0522 839761

How to get there


By car
see the map above

By train
from the central railway station of Reggio Emilia TPER Reggio-Guastalla line

By bus
from Piazzale Europa-Reggio Emilia SETA Bus no. 87