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Guastalla Railway Station
Public out-of-town and railway transport services
Province Map
Guastalla is a town of Etruscan origin. It is one of the most characteristic towns in the lowlands of Reggio Emilia along the Po River.
Motorbike Small Museum
The museum, divided into 4 pavilions for 650 square metres as a whole, exhibits 160 pieces belonging to 34 different brands of the national motorcycle industry as well as some important brands belonging to the European industry.
Once upon a time there was a school
Museum and educational workshop to discover the history of school in Guastalla
Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine della Porta
The seventeenth-century Santuario della Beata Vergine della Porta (Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Gate) is considerably interesting for its internal Baroque architecture. TEMPORARILY CLOSED FOR WORKS.
The cathedral is dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. The ruler Cesare Gonzaga had it built in the 16th century, based on a design by Volterra.
Basilica della Pieve
First papers about Guastalla date back to the ninth century, and concern a donation made by queen Angliberga to nuns' cloister of S.Sisto in Piacenza.
Iride kindergarten
Visit the Iride kindergarten is a wonderful occasion to know the spaces, materials, vanguard and tecnological innovation
"Ruggero Ruggeri" Municipal Theatre
In 1670 Duke Ferdinando Gonzaga decided to build a theater in Piazza della Rocca: foundations were laid but building works never started.
Ducal Palace
It is the most representative building of Guastalla and was for a long time the residence of the Gonzaga family. Today it houses many private and public offices.
Maldotti Library
Maldotti Library is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of our territory.
Statue of Ferrante I Gonzaga
Standing in the main town square of Piazza Mazzini is the bronze statue of Ferrante I Gonzaga, an imposing monument that dominates the square itself and Via Gonzaga.
Lands near the Po River in Reggio, little capitals along the big river
Along the riverside of Reggio Emilia, which is 20 km long, there are towns with a particularly strong and pervasive atmosphere: they are in the “Lowland”, special places with outstanding history and culture, which can rarely be found elsewhere along this Big River.
The small capitals of the Po River
The 30 km that divide Reggio Emilia from the Great River help us discover the small Renaissance capitals along the Po river as well as an amazing historical and natural landscape.
Lido Po
At the confluence of the Crostolo stream with the Po River there was once a garden belonging to Prince Gonzaga.
***Hotel Old River
Viale Po, 2 - 42016 Guastalla
Camper Area
The area includes capacity for 30 cars, 6 stops for campers, 1 refreshment and picnic area with tables and benches, 1 fountain for supply of drinking water.
Po Hostel
Viale Lido Po, 11/13 - 42016 Guastalla

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