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Gualtieri Railway Station
Public out-of-town and railway transport services
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As other small towns south of the Po River, it sprang up during the age of seignories. It still presents land drainage and huge buildings by Bentivoglio family.
Antonio Ligabue Museum Foundation
The museum hosts copies of pictures by the Naive-Art painter Antonio Ligabue (Zurich 1899 - Gualtieri 1965), documents concerning his life, as well as Tirelli Donation (collection of theatre costumes).
"Antonio Ligabue" Museum
The museum is located in one of the houses of Gualtieri, where for a few years, lived and painted the painter Antonio Ligabue.
Santa Maria della Neve Parish Church
The church is located in Piazza Bentivoglio in the town centre of Gualtieri and the façade is north-facing.
Church of Santa Vittoria Vergine
It was built on the ruins of the primitive construction of the late 1500s which was desired first by Cornelio Bentivoglio and then by Ippolito Bentivoglio to sanctify a victory over the French by the papal militia of Pope Julius II.
Church of the Santissima Annunziata - Pieve Saliceto
The church is in the Baroque style, though its sober appearance also shows a Renaissance imprint.
Church of Sant'Andrea
Erected in the 11th century as a simple chapel, the church became a parish church in the 12th century.
Palazzo Bentivoglio
The building hosts the Documentary Museum, the Antonio Ligabue Museum Foundation and the Umberto Tirelli Donation. Sala di Icaro, the Chapel, Sala di Enea and Sala dei Falegnami are open to the public.
Social Theatre
The theatre is located inside the monumental complex of Palazzo Bentivoglio, big fortress-palace, built between the late XVI century and the early XVII century.
Palazzo Greppi
The Palazzo was built by the Greppi family of Milan, who had received from the House of Este a large estate near Santa Vittoria (Gualtieri). The Palazzo is in the centre of the village.
Civic Tower
The Civic Tower stands high above the surrounding porticoes and, with its wide pointed archway, is both an entrance into the square and an architectural accompaniment into the beautiful street Via Vittorio Emanuele.
Piazza Bentivoglio
A perfect square, each side measuring one hundred metres.
City tour
Gualtieri is a classic example of a small Renaissance capital in the Po Valley.
The small capitals of the Po river
The 30 km that divide the town of Reggio Emilia from the Great River, the so-called "Bassa", lead us to discover the small Renaissance capitals of the Po river as well as an amazing historical and natural heritage.
Antonio Ligabue
Antonio Ligabue (Zurich 1899 - Gualtieri 1965) was an Italian painter and sculptor, among the most important Naive Art artists of the XX century. His art is chacterized by the force of the rural world that Ligabue came from and by the instinct of his madness.
Restaurants in Gualtieri
Restaurants in Reggio plain to taste the many goodness of gastronomic tradition: the river fish, pork, pumpkin, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia. Lambrusco and Parmigiano Reggiano "cheese Rè."
"Misunderstood". The life of Antonio Ligabue through his works from Feb 22, 2020 12:00 to Nov 08, 2020 12:00 Gualtieri,
Anthological exhibition dedicated to the painter Antonio Ligabue (1899-1965). In Palazzo Bentivoglio, piazza Bentivoglio.

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