Artistic and cultural tour

In Pantaro, just outside Gattatico, there are two splendid Farnese villas dating back to the 16th century that the dukes of Parma used as hunting lodges.

In Praticello is the Chiesa di San Matteo, built between 1690 and 1703. The church’s façade was built in 1871. The embanked bell tower on oak piles leans approximately 30 centimetres.

The Chiesa di San Vitale, situated on an artificial rise in Olmo, was consecrated in 1891. The church conserves an ancient wooden Madonna and a modern wooden Via Crucis from the Val Gardena.

The Chiesa di San Francesco, in Taneto, conserves a gold chalice from 1605 and a silver monstrance from 1776.

There are also four courts in the area that are worthy of attention: Rainusso, northwest of Taneto, Ferri-Bigliardi in Nocetolo, Giordani, a courtyard with ancient frescoes located in Taneto, and Carmi, located in Fiesso.

Worthy of note as well are the various water mills in the area around Gattatico, and in particular the mill in Olmo on the Spelta canal and the mill in Fiesso, on the canal of the same name.