It is located in the heart of the plain, an area of intensive farming with the strong agro-mechanical tradition, represented by the former Landini factory.

Information and contacts

Altitude: 26 m
Inhabitants: 6.799 updated to January 1, 2015
Post code: 42042
Patron saint: San Genesio (25th August)
Parish festival: 15th August, Santissima Maria
Weekly market day: Thursday
+39 0522.751923 / 751936 Municipality
Municipality of Fabbrico

How to get there

By car: see the map above
By train: from Reggio Emilia, regional train to Modena and then the train to Verona
By bus: from Piazzale Europa-Reggio Emilia, SETA bus n.43

Historical notes

The area has been inhabited since pre-historic times. During the Middle Ages the focal point of population was concentrated around the emerging centre made up of the castle, church, the parish church and court under the aegis of the powerful “della Palude” family. In 1306 it became part of the feudal lands of the Da Correggio family, remaining under their control until the 17th century.