Oratory of San Genesio

The church of San Genesio, originally east-facing and now south-facing, is situated within the old moat of the castle.

Address and contacts

Via San Genesio - 42042 Fabbrico
+39 0522 665110 (Parish church of Fabbrico)

How to get there

See the indications to reach Fabbrico and the map above.

Historical notes

The façade of the building, delimited by pilaster strips, has a rectangular shape elongated with a protruding base.
At the centre of the façade, the moderately sized door is framed by an eighteenth-century portal in relief, above which there is a trapezoidal window tapered toward the upper part.
The right side of the church has a trapezoidal window similar to the one on the façade.
Set against the left side of the church is a small architectural body that serves as the sacristy.
From the left side, a small architectural element is visible above the roof which originally functioned as the bell tower.
The interior of the church has a rectangular plan and a single nave with vaulted ceiling.
The nave is marked by pilasters that subdivide it into three symmetrical spaces and have the function to support the weight.
At the centre of the apse wall is a painted false altar, decorated in the upper part with festoons and floral motifs.
Another festoon frames a niche, at the centre of which is a polychromatic plastered wooden statue depicting San Genesio.
Also of interest is the altar-frontal in scagliola, with a black background, framed by an inlaid frieze. At the centre is a medallion depicting St. Peter within a natural landscape context.
An eighteenth-century wooden tabernacle decorated with floral motifs is situated above the altar table.
The side walls hold tombstones and tiles in terracotta or stone.
All that remains of the religious functions at the oratory of San Genesio is the mass celebrated here each year on 25th August on authorisation from the current owners of the church.