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Parks and natural reserves

Reggio Emilia

WWF Marmirolo Oasis

The Marmirolo Oasis, about 10 hectares, is a stopover place for nesting and reproduction of many birds.

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Regional Nature Reserve of Valle Re Court Fontanili (Springs)

The nature reserve is located between the Crostolo torrent and the left bank of the Enza river.

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Quattro Castella

Roncolo Nature Park

Green area for sport and leisure. The 44-hectare park is almost entirely wooded. Walking paths, orienteering, area equipped with 8 self-organized barbecue grills.

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Bianello LIPU Oasis

Bianello LIPU Oasis is a wildlife fauna protection area located in the locality Borgo di Monticelli, near Quattro Castella, and expands on the four Quattro Castella Hills (Zane, Lucio, Vetro, Bianello) for about 190 hectares, including the area called "of the gullies", that was included by the Province of Reggio Emilia in the protected area in 2003.

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The Secchia River Floodplain

Natural reserve. It is a naturalistic area of artificial origin and characterized by wetlands with a centre for environmental education.

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Vezzano sul Crostolo

Vezzano Eco Park

Park with specimens of native fauna.

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Mathildic Park

Nature and recreation. The Mathildic Park is situated 20 km away from Reggio Emilia, on the hillside area. Its height is about 400 m, and is characterized by many paths in the open spaces.

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