Asioli Theatre

The public theatre was built in Correggio in 1600 from the adaptation and settlement of the halls of the Old Palace, ancient residence of Nicolò from Correggio. The opening performances probably took place in February 1660.

Corso Cavour, 9 - 42015 Correggio
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Teatro Asioli

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Asioli Theatre

In 1850 there was the beginning of a new stonework theatre according to a design by the architect Francesco Forti, and the inauguration in 1852; the theatre was completed about twenty years later.
The façade was finished in 1872-73 by the engineer Antonio Tegani from Reggio Emilia by using eight marble columns offered by the Municipality of Modena. In 1880 the theatre was named after the musician Bonifazio Asioli. It was partly destroyed by a fire in 1889 and rebuilt at the end of the XIX century according to a design by the municipal engineer Giuseppe Aimi. Thanks to a public petition the theatre was inaugurated in 1898 on the occasion of the performance "Bohème" by Giacomo Puccini. In 1909 another fire caused the death of two people with few damage to the building. From 1943 to 1960 it hosted film showings and then was closed until 1973.
The painter Franco Zanichelli was in charge of the restoration of frescoes, decorations and plasters.
The theatre has a neoclassical-style façade in which are four marble medallions made by the sculptor Eusebio Casalgrandi depicting Bonifazio Asioli, Claudio Merulo, Nicolò from Correggio and Samuele Jesi. From the octagonal-drawing vestibule it is possible to enter the hall where two marble gravestones depict the musicians Merulo and Asioli.

How to get there


By car
Modena-Brennero A22 motorway, Carpi exit, road signs to Correggio (main road 468 south direction);
Milan-Bologna A1 motorway, Reggio Emilia exit, road signs to Carpi-Correggio (main road 468 north direction).

By train or bus
The nearest railway stations are Reggio Emilia along the route Milan-Bologna (about 20 km from Correggio) and Carpi along the route Modena-Verona (about 7 km from Correggio).

From the railway stations it is possible to arrive in Correggio through Seta-route buses.