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all files of Correggio

Public out-of-town transport services
"Quirino" Urban Bus
Quirino is an urban public transport service that connects the old town centre with the outskirts of Correggio.
Noleggio auto, moto, furgoni e veicoli commerciali
Mantovan N.C.C.
Transport of people, car rental, car rental with driver, transport service for disabled.
Pelliciari Viaggi
Trips at the service of sport, culture and art; school, business and representation services
Taxi Service in Correggio
Province Map
It is one of the largest and populous town in the Province after the chief town (km 18 from Reggio Emilia).
"Il Correggio" Civic Museum
The museum is located in the Piano Nobile (Nobile Floor) of the Palazzo Principi. It houses collections of artwork and objects of considerable artistic interest originating from various churches, public properties, and the private collections of the Da Correggio family.
Church of Santa Chiara
Built in 1666 in the Borrominian style, the church faces onto piazzetta delle Suore and can be visited.
Church of S. Maria della Misericordia
Adjacent to the street that runs along the Borgovecchio quarter, the church’s origin is tied to the activity of a confraternity present in Correggio as of 1316.
Church of Madonna della Rosa
Prince Siro had erected it in 1626. It is not possible to visit it.
Basilica of Saints Quirino and Michele
The Basilica was built on the area of the old moat between 1516 and 1587. The devotion of the Correggio populace for the cult of San Quirino, Patron Saint of the town, dates very far back in time.
Church of San Francesco
It is one of the oldest and most interesting monuments; it was built between 1467 and 1485
Church of San Giuseppe
In 1567 the Dominicans began the construction of the church and the adjacent convent within the town walls.
Former St. Sebastian Hospital
Old town hospital of the infirm, which building was promoted in the 17th century by the confraternity of St. Sebastian
Town Hall
The building was converted to become the town hall in 1783, after having housed the Confraternity of St. Joseph Patriarch and subsequently, after 1724, the site of public schools.
Istituto Bellelli
Nineteenth-century building whose façade, below the portico, holds ogive arches with fragments of tempera decorations from the 15th century.
Cattini Palace (or Clock Palace)
In ancient times it was called “Bank of Reason”, or of “Community”, because justice was administered here.
Correggio Art Home
The Correggio Home was rebuilt in 1754-55 in the same area where was the original home of the Allegri family.

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