Palazzo Contarelli

Built in 1762, with an elegant architecture. It can be visited on request by contacting the school head office. The part of the building on Corso Mazzini is porticoed.


Corso Mazzini

42015 Correggio

It owns a number of interesting elements: the entry portal, the double loggia courtyard, the atrium with Baroque staircase with colonnades and balustrades. With the extinction of the original family, the building became the property of a charitable institution.

At the beginning of the 20th century, it became the Communist Party Headquarters. Subsequently the Fascists made it their headquarters and then it became state property. Currently it is the site of scholastic institutions.
The central projecting part of the building has a majestic portal that holds up a balcony with balustrade onto which a large window opens. The courtyard is porticoed on three sides.
The interior rooms conserve some elements of the original eighteenth-century decoration.

How to get there:

A1 motorway, Modena nord exit. A22 motorway, Carpi exit: 5 km.


The building is situated on a corner position next to the Istituto Bellelli, and occupies the entire eastern length of Via Antonioli with its façade with a double order of windows.


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