Istituto Bellelli

Nineteenth-century building whose façade, below the portico, holds ogive arches with fragments of tempera decorations from the 15th century.

Address and contacts

Corso Mazzini - 42015 Correggio
+39 0522 693296 - Municipality of Correggio

Opening times

The palace is not open to the public so it's possibile to visit it only outside

How to get there

See the indication to reach Correggio or see the map above

Historical notes

This building housed the boys’ orphanage opened following a bequest of Captain Bellelli and his sister Giuseppina.
Since the last restoration works, it has been the site of scholastic institutions.
The chapel on the first floor holds a fresco with St. Anthony of Padua painted by Zanichelli in 1942.
The restoration works brought to light the ogive arches under the portico of the façade with traces of plant decorations in tempera from the 15th century.