Former St. Sebastian Hospital

Old town hospital of the infirm, which building was promoted in the 17th century by the confraternity of St. Sebastian

Address and references

Via Marconi - 42015 Correggio


The establishment of a hospital inside the town walls was carried out thanks to various purchases and legacies, and the donation of broken down buildings by the Duke of Modena. Construction of the hospital in the southern part of the town started in 1685 and was completed in the following century. The main façade was on the “contrada delle Canove” (now Via Marconi), and the secondary façade overlooked “Piazza Castello”, while the north-western side of the building was on “Via della Montagna”, now Via del Carmine. The Baroque façade still bears the inscription “Aegrotantium saluti” above the main entrance. The original plan of the building was arranged around two wide corridors, one for men and one for women, with an oratory in the middle that was also open to the general public.

How to get there


By car
National Road SS468; A22 Motorway exit: 5 km

By bus
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