Piazza Garibaldi

Until the 18th century it was called Piazza Grande (Big Square); in the following century, because of its function tied to the produce market, its name became Piazza delle Erbe (Vegetable Square).
Correggio - Piazza Garibaldi

Piazza Garibaldi

42015 Correggio


In 1882, the City Council changed its name once again to Piazza Garibaldi in homage to the general who died that year. The memory of Garibaldi was tied to his brief stopover in the town on 27th of September 1859 at the Posta Hotel (demolished in 1959) which faced onto the square. An epigraph was sculpted on a slab of marble to perpetuate the memory.

The square has always been a constant in the history of the town. It was enlarged in the late Middle Ages and subsequently further elements were added. In 1507 Count Giberto, husband of Veronica Gambara, enriched its furnishings with an exquisite Renaissance well, which was moved to the courtyard of the Palazzo dei Principi in the 1900s.
A plan of the town painted in 1630 shows the form of the piazza as a balanced open rectangle delimited on the eastern side by porticoed buildings, extending from which was a wooden canopy supported by arches, probably a permanent structure for the market. Situated approximately halfway along the main street axis of the town between the old gates of San Antonio (toward Reggio Emilia) and San Giovanni (toward Modena), the square is set back from the main road, which touches it on the open side, creating a clear inside/outside structure so as not to disturb the town's people who gather there.

How to get there:
By car
On motorway A22, exit at Carpi and follow direction to Correggio (therefore going south on Road 468)
On motorway A1, exit at Reggio Emilia and follow direction to Carpi-Correggio (therefore going north on Road 468)
Using motorways every access to this territory is very fast from main national and European centres.
On “Via Emilia”, which runs parallel to A1 motorway and river Po, converge main communication routes, allowing to reach Correggio from Cities of Art and from all tourist centres of Emilia Romagna.

With public means:
The nearest railway stations to Correggio are in Reggio Emilia on Milano-Bologna track (about 20 km from Correggio), and Carpi on Modena-Verona track (about 7 km from Correggio).
From both stations a bus service is available.
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