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Piazzas, loggias and historical routes

Piazza Mazzini and Corso Mazzini

Piazza Mazzini has always been the main square of Correggio, a meeting place for townspeople, with cafés, shops, and the pedestrian walkway along the street of the same name.

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Piazza San Quirino

It arose during second half of nineteenth century, upon a place previously occupied by a moat called "castello", and by gardens of the facing houses.

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Piazza Padella/Via Munari

Piazza Padella (Frying Pan Square) was so called by popular imagination, where the handle would be the longer street and the receptacle the small square itself.

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Piazza Garibaldi

Until the 18th century it was called Piazza Grande (Big Square); in the following century, because of its function tied to the produce market, its name became Piazza delle Erbe (Vegetable Square).

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