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Napoleonic Cemetery

It was built in 1810 and remained in use until the new graveyard was built in 1923.

Address and contacts

Via Cavour - 42025 Cavriago
+39 0522 373474
Napoleonic Cemetery -Municipality of Cavriago

Opening times

The cemetery is open only during in the Catholic holy times (Christmas, Easter and the All Souls' day).
The visit is possibile in other periods, by previous phone arrangement.

How to get there

See the indications to reach Cavriago and the map above.

Historical notes

On reaching Via Cavour, you come to the Cimitero Vecchio (Old Cemetery), which dates back to Napoleonic times. Although it was built at the height of the Neoclassical period, it is inspired by the late Renaissance style, which is more in line with the rural tradition of the time.
The complex constitutes a remarkable collection of funerary artworks in marble, wrought iron, cast iron, and so on.
There are now plans to include this rare historical monument in a project of restoration and recovery of urban architecture and for it to become part of a public park.
The Municipal Administration of Cavriago has published a text entitled “Le pietre e la memoria” (Stones and Memory), on sale at the Cultural Centre, which includes contributions by Laura Gasparini, Massimo Storchi, and Francesco Tarasconi.
The artworks in the cemetery, in marble, and wrought and cast iron, provide an interesting record of the different artistic currents of the period.