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Church of the Santissima Trinità

The current Church of the Santissima Trinità, commonly called the Abbey, was formed in the 18th century from the southern nave of the thirteenth-century church of the Augustinian monastery which originally was about four times larger than that which remains.

Address and contacts

via Abbazia 28 - 42012 Campagnola Emilia
+39 0522 663947 (Parish)
Abbazia della Santissima Trinità

Opening times

Visitable upon previous arrangement only

How to get there

See the indications to reach Campagnola Emilia

Historical notes

According to scholars, the original church was chosen as a model for the construction of the Church of San Domenico in Reggio Emilia. The building now has a façade with sloping roof, enclosed by pilaster strips at the corners. The roof has a simple small bell tower with vaulting cell. Still visible in the northern part are the round arches of the interior, now closed in; just beyond was the central nave. Clustered pillars in an alternating pattern support the cross-vaulted ceiling, and some traces of the bas-relief sculptures of the sandstone capitals remain. A plaster ancona on the southern wall attests to the improvements ordered by Cardinal Francesco Barberini, commendatory abbot (1695-1739), whose commission also left a fine wooden crucifix, restored and conserved in the parish church. Trapezoidal windows were also opened in the 18th century. Old frescoes which seem to depict St. Augustine were recently discovered in the room which now serves as the sacristy. Today the Abbey of the Santissima Trinità is the property of the parish and can be visited on request to the parish priest.