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Cadelbosco di Sopra
The town is located in an area of fertile plains wrested from the Po River marshlands by centuries of human labour; it is now a lively and modern town.
Church of Santa Giustina and San Cipriano
The church of the "suburb" Villa Argine, dates back to fifteenth century, and was later re-built. Porticoes on the outside and frescos in the inside are of major interest.
San Celestino Parish Church
Characterized by a late-baroque façade, and its interior is divided into three aisles with vaulted ceiling.
Santissima Annunziata Church
The curch has been submitted only to few changes since its building, which took place in 1513.
San Bernardino Church
It is mentioned in documents of year 1466, and the origins of this church are probably not older than that period, with very simple structure as today.
*** Hotel Gemmi
Via Marconi, 2 - 42023 Cadelbosco Sotto
Agriturismo Aquila Nera
Via Ponte Forca, 8 - Locality Villa Seta, 42023 Cadelbosco di Sopra
Il Casale
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 23 - Locality Cadelbosco di Sotto, 42023 Cadelbosco di Sopra
Il Favo Restaurant Tavern
Warm atmosphere and delicious food in a family atmosphere. All in the best traditions of Emilia.
L'Altro Teatro
L'Altro Teatro is managed by Arci Reggio Emilia with the help of a group of volunteers from Cadelbosco di Sopra: the "Friends of the Theatre".
Margherita ASD Horse Club
Riding school for children and adults, horse shelter, specialization courses, events and performances.
Cadelbosco di Sopra Municipality Pro Loco
Promotion of local tourism, organization of festivals, cultural and sports events.

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